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Calendar of Events

2018 Events offered by In Unison Farm LLC

March 10th - In Unison Farm LLC Spring Hunter Pace

            We had an amazing 101 riders for an iffy weather day
            Timbo's Smokehouse fed us very well
            A huge thank you to Mieke for use of her land
        Many thanks to my volunteers who help me run this event, I couldn't do it without you
        Thank you to my marshalls on course helping the riders  

June 2nd - In Unison Farm LLC Hunter Pace

        After a weeks worth of rain we managed to scrap up 65 riders, very pleased with that
           Timbo's Smokehouse fed us well, as always
        We were blessed with a beautiful day and had many smiling faces
        Thank you to all my volunteers that make this possible 
               Thank you to Mieke for use of her land


August 25th - Trail Ride Trivia  

            Thank you to the riders who came and supported this new event
    They all seemed to have fun and their knowledge was tested
  Timbo's Smokehouse fed us well
          Thank you to all the marshals on course helping riders record their answers
          Thank you to my wonderful registration people
         I appreciate all the support over all the years from my volunteers and from the riders
         Thank you to Mieke and Stanley for allowing us to use their beautiful land 

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