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We are saddened by the loss of Bonnie on June 9th.  She was a wonderful addition to the farm and always let us know when we were "late" with her meal by calling out to us.  We are going to miss that whinney each morning and evening.  She was definitely a fixture on the farm for the last nine years and everyone loved the furry beast.  She was known for her crazy full and curly fur that she grew year round.  At a young age of 31 (ish) though she decided to leave us.  I wish it was under better circumstances but for what we can determine she stumbled and fell in the pasture landing on a small, old stump with her right shoulder.  This caused her humerus to break and there was no other choice to make.  Her mom made it up to say goodbye and Bonnie went very peacefully, she was always so stoic (unless you brought her in the wash rack or a stall, boy she didn't like those and let you know).  Bonnie was a good horse and will be greatly missed.

Lee Ann has passed the USEA ICP Level I - Training and is now a certified trainer with the USEA for Training Level and below.

Thank you all for supporting the In Unison Farm LLC hunter paces, without the riders, registration people, and time recorders these events would not be successful or possible.  I am so thankful to have so many people who are supportive of these events.

Emma and Take it to the Max did very well at Prelim and competed as an individual in the Young Riders Championships out in Colorado for 2016.  We couldn't be more proud fo her and her accomplishments.  Trish and For Pete's Sake competed in their first ever 3 phase in 2016 and did wonderfully finishing on their dressage score.   

Lee Ann & Crack the Code finished 6th on the USEA leaderboard in Beginner Novice for 2014 and 2nd with Area III.  So proud of this boy and love the fact that he loves eventing as much as I do.  I cannot wait to watch our partnership grow stronger with each passing year. 

Judge's comment of Lee Ann and Crack the Code at the August Foxberry Show 2012